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Presidents Message: 3/19/14

This week I would like to tell you a little about the Rotary International Foundation or as a lot of you know it as your Paul Harris Fellow Account. In most cases when we give money to the RI Foundation we donate it as un-restrictive giving and as such in three years our District 5300 will receive half of what you donated. The District will use some of the money for its projects and the rest is available for grants to the clubs. RI uses the half of your donation not returned to the clubs to pay it Health, Hunger Humanity projects worldwide, scholarships, matching grant funds and so much, more. The funds we give to the Polio Plus Campaign can only be used in the fight to wipe out Polio worldwide therefore they are restrictive funds. Rotary is the only service club that uses every dollar donated for what it was intended for, Rotary pays its overhead from the interest it earns from the three year investment  of our donations. Because of that Rotary is rate at the top of rated charities in the United States, 100% of your donations go it the people who need our help in the world.

So the next time someone ask you to see if you could increase your pledge to the RI Foundation, think hard and long and see if you can spare a extra dollar or two each month. A little from each of us can make a world of difference to someone in a third world country who is trying to feed his or her family on five dollars a day or less. The people in this country we call poor would seem like kings to more than 25% of the world’s population.

Presidents Message 2/5/14

This past Saturday Florence Rogers and I attended the BODTS her in Las Vegas. I must admit that I was pleased with the new information covered this year, also the presenters were better. The info on the Club Leadership Plan was the same wanting you to have a three to five year vision; someday we may be able to do that but not yet. The thing of interest to me was the State of Nevada has some more forms we need to submit as a non-profit, I will be looking into this in more depth in the coming weeks.

I want to apologies for our speaker not showing up last week, I did a follow up call Teen Challenge and they confirmed we were on their calendar but they did not know why the scheduled person did not show. They were to call me back so we could reschedule a speaker but as of today I have not heard back from them. However this week’s speaker has confirmed they will be there on Wednesday.

What have you done in the past week to make our community or the world a better place? That question can have many answers and they need not be big things you have done, sometimes the small things can make some of the biggest effect in someone’s life. Kindness comes in many forms from just showing a little respect to people to helping a neighbor with something or giving some money to the needy or donating blood. All of things make the community or the world a better place because someone cared enough to help.

Presidents Message: Jan. 29, 2014

I’m not sure but as I grow older time seems to go by quicker or it could be I just move slower and accomplish less than I did in the past. So in the coming weeks and months I or some other Board member or committee chair will be asking for your help on various projects. Before you try and say I’m too busy to help you with that, remember the Rotary motto “Service above Self” you joined Rotary to become involved and change our community and the world.

Now I would like each of you to take this simple test, am I a RINO? [Rotarian in Name Only] 1. Do you just come to the weekly meetings for lunch only? 2. Do I avoid being on committees or being on the board? 3. Do I feel that someone else can do the work for our projects and fundraisers? 4. Do you reply when ask to help I don’t have the time; I’m to bust, maybe next time? If you answered Yes to any of the above questions you are a RINO, but there is a cure for what I call Rinoites. All you need to do to overcome Rinoites is become involved remember this you Rotary club, the Board members and I as your President are here to serve and help you. Tell those areas of service that excite you and you would like us to put our efforts in and we will work in those areas.

Presidents Message Jan. 22, 2014

Presidents Message:

As we enter the last half of this Rotary year, we need to put our attention to growing the clubs membership numbers. This is not someone else’s job it is “yours” as members of the Las Vegas Central Rotary Club, membership is everyone’s job. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and ask a friend or someone you do business with to join you at one of our meetings. You might be surprised and they enjoy it and would like to join us as a member.

I want to thank Don & Dorrie Kemp again for hosting our Musical fundraiser on January 10th. It was a great success for a small get together. Because of their efforts and generosity we raised close to two thousand dollars. By the time this goes to press we will have had our second meeting with the people from Tahiti Village for our April 25th. Hawaiian Entertainment and Lula dinner fundraise, so please save the date for this fun event.

I would like for you as members to think of the direction and projects you would like to see this club pursue in the coming year, so please express your desires and thoughts with me in the coming weeks, because this is your club and everyone’s thoughts count.

Bob Hellriegel your Club President

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