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Presidents Message Aug. 20, 2014

This year it seems like days and weeks are just rushing by, I know time is constant so either I have too many things on my plate or I’m less organized as I get older. I always seem to have a Rotary project to do, email’s to read or meeting to go to then there is quality time I spend with my daughter and of course dealing with my grandchildren. Life can get busy and if you let it, it will pull you down so always make some time in your life it can be quiet time to read, fish or whatever is relaxing and or enjoyable to you. We must remember that even though our work in Rotary can be rewarding and heartwarming it can be challenging and time consuming and as non-paid volunteers we need to be sure we do not burn ourselves out. The more people involved in our projects and on committees the better it is for all of us plus the more we can accomplish as Rotarians.


Remember people we are always looking for good programs and speakers so if you see one at a different event or other Rotary Clubs meeting please pass it onto us so we can get the for our clubs meetings. Good programs are informative and also attract potential members to our club so let’s all work on finding speakers. Topics should inform and be of interest to a large sector of our club’s membership, did the speaker keep your attention the whole time he or she spoke. This week’s speaker will be talking about Global Water projects, which something Rotary has, interest in through various worldwide projects it funds.

President Message: Aug. 13, 2014

We all face challenges in our life some are business related and other are in our personal lives, but how we handle these challenges tells the world who we are. As Rotarians we look at are community for the opportunities to provide service to our youth and the local community in general. In some areas of the services we provide we partner with other groups, the success of a project is not measured by who gave the most or did the most but was the problem solved, did we meet the needs. The Service Above Self moto tells the world and our local community that we as Rotarians are problem solvers and up to the challenges the world gives us.

A lot of Rotary clubs have programs and groups that they support annually year after year, and there is nothing with this. However this can narrow the clubs view on the needs of the local community and the opportunity to provide service can be missed. A new prospective can be achieved by having new people serve on various committees that oversee our community, youth and international service projects. A new set of eyes will see the challenges in a different light and from a different angel, which hopefully will bring about new solutions to these opportunities.

Success is the end result we are all striving for when tackling a problem in our community or with our youth, not who gets the credit or how was it was accomplished but was it solved. For Rotary to continue to be successful in the coming years we need to grow our membership and with younger and more energetic people with new and exciting visions.

President Message:


                      Let’s let the world know we are Proud to be a members of the Central Rotary Club of Las Vegas, wear you Rotary Pin daily and tell all your friends and people you meet what Rotary does. August is officially membership month however every day is membership day, we all are salesman or woman for our clubs the people and the projects are what encourages people to become a member of Rotary. I’m proud to say this week we will be inducting Herman Kelting into our club as our newest member, as most of you know Herman is not new to Rotary but a longtime member of the Newport Beach Rotary Club. With Herman Kelting becoming a member we have increased our membership by 5% , it’s a start one member at a time, but a 50% would be better.

Last Thursday night I attended the first Presidents Circle meeting for the 2014-15 Rotary year, all of the presidents reviewed areas of concern for their clubs. The one area that several presidents brought up was getting and keeping members and past presidents involved so they felt valued and involved, we all need to feel we are making a difference. Because when you feel you make a difference you are no longer a member of Rotary but you have become a Rotarian and there is a difference.

Presidents Message July 23, 2014

Dear members our meeting for July 23rd has been cancelled, due to a major gas leak and repair work needed at the Las Vegas Country Club. We had an excellent program scheduled for that meeting we will try to reschedule Dr. Chase for a later date when he is in town again hopefully, informational Rotary based programs such as his are hard to come by on short notice. The club will return for our next meeting at the Country Club on July 30th. Your speaker that week is Tyson Mackay and he will be telling us about the new and exciting dot Vegas domain names that are coming.

Should any of you run across a good and interesting speaker please pass that information on to any of your board member so we may try and arrange for them to talk at our club in the future, because good programs are interesting an attract potential new members.

It’s hard to believe we are coming up on the start of the second month of this Rotary year, time does fly but we have lots of time to accomplish our club goals. This year membership growth is our prime and major object we need to accomplish; if we do this the rest of our goals will follow and fall in line. As I have said many times in the past we need new younger members to keep Rotary alive and well in the years to come. Remember membership is everyone’s job not just your board members or your president, because this is your club also.

Presidents Message July 2, 2014

Last Friday was the debunking party for last year’s president and tomorrow is July first the start of the new Rotary year. With a new year comes some new goals plus some of the old ones return also, our main goal this year is to grow the club’s membership numbers, this is not only a goal but a must. Our club needs new younger members with some new idea, some new energy to help this club go forward in the coming years. As much as it may pain some of us older members we need to change how we look at doing things within the club and our projects, just because we have always done it that way does not require us to keep doing it that way. Most people tend to resist change, but change can be good, because to makes us widen our perspective on things and see things in a different light.


In this new Rotary year I need each of our club members to step forward and become involved in the programs and projects our club supports throughout the year. I need for you to remember this your Rotary Club as much as it is mine, Service Above Self requires involvement from each of us.

Presidents Message June 18, 2014

In this week’s message I would like to talk about the legacy we can leave behind after we depart this world. But before I start on that topic let me thank those of you who were able to attend the Memorial Service my family and I had for my Mother this past Saturday. I would also like to thank the club members who donated to the Rotary Polio Plus campaign and other charities in her name, through your generosity other people will benefit from her passing. Mother was always amazed at how few people knew about Rotary and the services and programs it provides around the world and to our local community. But she was always ready to tell them about all that she knew about Rotary from her attending all of the events and our board meetings at my house; she was always a cheer leader for Rotary.

Now let’s talk about the legacy you leave behind after we pass on, it’s as easy as falling off a log to do. Rotary has several programs for giving from your estate, your will or your life insurance policy. The first program is becoming a Benefactor and this only requires you to pledge to give Rotary $1,000.00 after your death. The pledge is normally through your life insurance policy by listing them as a recipient, or it can be done by listing them in your will also. As a benefactor you will receive a pair of what is called wing, this is a Blue & Gold ribbon looking item to be worn with your Rotary pin. The second program is becoming a Bequest Society Member an in this program you are pledging a minimum of $10,000.00 to the Rotary Foundation. For you pledge you will receive a special Paul Harris Pin with a diamond in it for each $25,000.00 you donate [pledge], to the Foundation through your gift. The pledges are through your life insurance policy or a recipient in your will. None of us will ever miss the money after we are gone and in most cases neither will our children, but it can do so much good for others. See your Foundation Chairperson for help in signing up for either of these programs.

Presidents Message May 28, 2014

On Memorial Day we paid our respects to the fallen men and women who gave their all to protect us from our enemies around the world. As a former member of our Armed Forces who served this great country more than twenty years, I know firsthand the dedication our service members have in preforming their duties. If I told you that the military and Rotary had some of the same goals would you believe me, you should because it is true. Our military is not there to make war but to encourage peace with those who wish to harm us. We may use different tools in most cases but we are looking for the same result, but is some cases we use the same tools. Responding to natural disaster’s around the world our military spreads good will and helps foster cooperation between nations.

But in Rotary we have more programs and projects to help spread peace and good will in our local community and many places around the world. We have the Health, Hunger and the Humanities projects, Literacy projects, Clean Water projects, Immunization projects to name just a few. Now all of these take money to fund them, but they also require Rotarians to over see and or do the work on the projects. Rotary needs our donations to fund this good work but it also needs our time and sweat in a lot of cases, when we joined Rotary we knew the it was a commitment of time and money. Get involved and stay involved and Rotary will reward you with that good feeling you get from helping someone else.

Presidents Message May 20, 2014

This past Friday my Mother passed away after a brief illness and it reminded me that we all have things we want to accomplish in our lives and in our efforts with Rotary. We cannot put off the challenges and projects we hope to accomplish in Rotary to another day because we never know if we will be here on that day. Also the people we are trying to help may not survive if we do not put forth the effort now because some of the things we do really change or save lives. As Rotarians we are already committed to providing service to our fellow men and women of the world and in our local community.

The point I’m trying to make is sooner is much better than later in our efforts to help others and provide the “Service above Self” we truly believe in. Because if we only use this as a catch phrase and we truly do not believe it or live it we are not Rotarians, coming to lunch weekly and donating a little money is not all it takes  make you a Rotarian. Rotarians are committed and Rotarians are involved, hands on projects, being on committees, and serving as chairpersons and having a whet ever it takes attitude.

Don’t think of Rotary as what can it do for me, but what can I do for Rotary. If you have a pet project you would like to see the club involved with please bring it to a one of you club officers or tell me about it and we will see if the club feels the same way as you about it.

Presidents Message May 7, 2014

In our busy lives we sometimes lose track of the important things in life as we are consumed by some of our day to day challenges. That is why Family, Friendship and Charity to others sometimes suffer because we think they will take care of themselves. But in the real world all three of these thinks require constant attention to help them grow and flourish. Family and friendship sometimes can really overlap because some of our friends are like family members to us because we have deep feelings for them. But we still need to reinforce these feeling to others and have then reinforced to us as well. Just calling an old friend or family member out of the Blue you have not spoken with for a while can do wonders for you and them alike. Our Rotary friends and family also need reinforcement to make those connections strong, because as Rotarians we normally bond together to accomplish our community and international service projects. Now this is where the charity or “Service above Self” comes in as we try to improve our community or make the world a better place. I have said this several times in past messages but I will say it again and that is “Rotary is a way of Life” You either are a Rotary Member or you are a Rotarian.

As we get closer to the start of the 2014-2015 Rotary year I have been thinking to what are my main goals for the club in the coming year. First and foremost is to grow the clubs membership numbers and maintain our existing members I would like to see a 10% membership increase which is only two members.

Toby O’Brian who had moved to Oregon for work was the last member to resign from our club, I’m happy to say the she has joined the McMinnville Sunrise Rotary Club, our loss was their gain.

My second goal is to get each of our members more involved with our projects by having them serve on committees in the avenues of service that interest them. If you are involved with the planning of a project you have a vested interest in seeing it through to completion.

My third and foremost goal is to continue to keep our club as the friendliest and the club that has fun, if you enjoy the meetings and people you will become more involved with them.

Presidents Message: April 9th., 2014

Here we are the 7th.of April already and as Rotarians this tells us we only have until June 30th to complete our community and international service projects. It seems like just yesterday this Rotary year started and here we are in the last quarter of it with still so many things we wanted to accomplish it always seems that way because there really are needs in the world and in our local community. We will just have to look at adding these needs to next year’s projects

My second thought is related to the first one in that the success on our fundraisers will have a lot to do with what projects can committee too doing in our Rotary year 2014-2015. With that said I can only challenge each of you to sell as many tickets as possible, I don’t want to hear I don’t know anyone, please support your club we are not just a lunch club we are a “Service Club”.

We have two events between now and the end of the Rotary year and they are the South Seas Show & Luau Dinner this coming Friday April 25th at Tahiti Village ticket cost; $75.00 per person. Then there is our annual Poker Tournament at the Golden Nugget on Saturday June 21st. At a cost of $125.00 per person for seat buy in and $40.00 re buy of chips within the first hour. This year we partnered with New Vista Ranch for the poker event and for those of you who are not familiar with New Vista they provide services for the mentally challenged adults similar to Opportunity Village.

For the members who were not able to join Dave Evans and myself this past weekend at the District Assembly training session in Victorville, California you missed a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary and how it works. They had sessions for Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations, Foundation/ Vocational, Club Administration/Membership/Programs/Community Service, International Service projects, Youth Services and for the Club President. The trip was good with great weather going and coming just a little windy but the information provided was great.

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