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Presidents Message: June 17, 2015

First I want to thank the club members and potential members who attended my debunking party last week, I enjoyed the event and even the swim. Even though I have two more weeks as the club president officially we will be starting to transfer from my leadership to Freda’s. All of our past presidents each had different ways of doing things, change is not the enemy Rotary must adapt in order to grow and attract new younger members.
For our members who played in or pledged money in support of our Poker event I thank you very much, because all net profits support our clubs foundation which funds all our youth and community service projects. I know you have all heard the tag line “It’s not about the money” Well it is. Rotary cannot do anything without our donations to the Rotary International Foundation in our pledges, Rotary gives hundreds of millions of dollars away each year. These funds provide many things from water wells, health care, education, post graduate scholarships just to name a few. The L.V. Central Rotary Club also depends on funds either by you buying or selling tickets to our fund raising events. Without the money raised during these events our club would need to cut back on our youth and community projects.
Rotary started as a networking club buy it changed its focus after only a few years to service and helping our fellow man. Now that does not mean you cannot network with your fellow members or members from other clubs, but all actions should meet and stand up to the 4-Way Test. Rotary is Service, it is also Friendship, and it also offers education to its members, it is respect because you are seen as someone who works to improve our community. Remember that when you were invited to join Rotary we saw something in you that told us you wanted to help change the world and make it a better place, let that person out.

Presidents Message June 3, 2015

Happy June! It’s hard to believe that this Rotary year is coming to a close. You’ll have just one more month and president elect, Freda Brazier begins her term president on July first and no doubt will lead our club to the next level. Freda served as my club secretary during 3 of my 4 terms I was your club president and I can assure you that you will not find a more dedicated person. I look forward to being a member of our club during Freda’s year as our new president, because with new leadership comes new directions and new excitement.

Our club continues to attract and welcome new members and grow. I want to thank those of you who brought friends, co-workers and family members to our events during the year, because this helped spread the word about Rotary. For many of the past years our membership numbers have gone up and down by one or two, but this year it has mainly been up only which is great and we still have more growth coming in the next few months. Our club has a respected name in our district because of our involvement in community, youth and international service projects. With more members we should have no problem in remaining involved with in our community and international projects.

Don’t forget June 10th at 6:00 PM is my debunking party at Mr. Bill Copper’s house the address is 6233 West Alexander Road. Also don’t forget our Fourth Annual Charity Poker Tournament on Saturday June 13th at 5:30 PM at the Golden Nugget downtown. Buy-in is $125.00 and $40.00 rebuy in the first hour.

I want to thank Kevin Taylor of the Red Rock Rotary Club for an outstanding Presidents Message that I was able to borrow a few thoughts and lines from.

Presidents Message 5/27/2015

Week after week I write the President’s Message and sometimes a thought just pops into my mind and other week’s it is a struggle to come up with an idea for my message. For the past two years with only a missed week here and there I have been successful at creating a message with what I believe has some good information for the club members.
But this week I want to use my newsletter space to push our Fourth Annual Poker Tournament on June 13th at the Golden Nugget, this is our annual Fundraiser for the club. I encourage all members, friends and anyone from the local community who wish to participate in this event to please contact me. The cost is $125.00 entry fee per person or $1,000.00 for a table of ten players, rebuy of chips within the first hour is only $40.00. As you can see it pays to put together a table it saves money for each player, and the table sponsor has a chance to win also.
1st. Place wins $1,500.00 cash and a Tag Heuer watch worth $2,500.00, 2nd. Place gets $1,000.00 cash, and 3dr. Place wins $500.00 cash plus the person who sponsored the table with the 1st. Place winner also wins a Tag Heuer watch worth $2,500.00.
All net profits from this event support our local community and youth service projects in our effort to give back to the community. For more information on how you or your company can to be a sponsor of this fun evening, or to just be a player in the tournament please call Bob Hellriegel at 702 768-7530 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Presidents Message for 4/29/2015

What is Rotary and what do we do? Well the truth of the matter Rotary is a lot of things and each of us may think of it in different ways. Rotary is a Service Club, we are involved in local community Youth activities including the Dan Stover Music Competition, “RYLA” the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, the 4-Way Test Speech Competition, Interact Clubs for High School Students, plus Rotaract for Collage age and above up to about age 30. We also provide mini-grants to local community teachers and help with other literacy and teaching projects.
On general community involvement we support several local charities such as Opportunity Village a group that trains mentally challenger adults and provide work programs for them. The Salvation Army which provide a wide variety of services including food, shelter, vocational training and substance abuse recover support. The Candle Lighters a group that supports the families of children with life threating illness. Cure 4 the Kids Foundation a group that provides treatment to children with Cancer free treatment if their family is underinsured or does not have insurance at all. We also provide books free of charge annually at the Homeless Connect Community Service project which is supported by the city and county service agencies. We also are involved in the Adopt a Highway program for litter control on the Mount Charleston Road.
Then there is the international Health, Hunger and Humanities projects around the world, Group Study Exchange of adults from various countries, the Ambassadorial Scholarships for post graduate education, Polio Plus Champaign, and a host of other services offered including Peace Conferences.
The reason I bring all this up is to help our newer members realize how much our small club is involved in the community plus help them realize where their donations in support of worthwhile causes go. It takes your donated time, labor and money for all of the projects and services our club supports. Besides your direct donations to the club it is our Fundraising Raising Activities that provide the cash flow to our Foundation, so please support any and all of our efforts in raising funds to support our projects to the best of your ability.

Presidents Message 4/15/15

This past weekend I and three other club members donated our Saturday to attend the District Assembly training session in Oak Hill, California. Our President-elect Freda Brazier had a session with the new incoming District Governor Randy Pote in which he would have outlined what he hoped to see accomplished in his year. There was also a training session on DACdb which is the program the district used to list all sorts of information about our members, the club and the district. DACdb is also the program that is used to enter membership data into the district and it also interfaces with Rotary International membership information which saves having to do double entry. Each club member has access to the DACdb system from the District 5300 webpage, you can edit your own information page and even add a photo if you wish. Everyone should go onto DACdb and is all the things you can find or accomplish.
Each year every club must have at least two people trained in the district and global grant process to be able to apply for said grants. This year coming we will have four people who have attended this mandatory training session, Freda Brazier, Dave Cabral, Bill Copper and myself, so we will have no reason for not applying for one.
Rotary International returns 50% of the funds donated to the Rotary Foundation unrestricted giving fund to our District, which in turn offers each club a set amount based on the clubs contribution to the Foundation in the way as grants. Your donations to the Rotary Foundation fund international projects but they also fund district and local projects. This is why we ask every member to donate to the Rotary Foundation because we get part of every dollar returned to our district through grants etc.

Presidents Message for April 8th., 2015

This past week we saw the start of Passover and the Easter Holiday each of which remind us of our religious beliefs and the thought it is better to give then receive. As Rotarians we do not discriminate about what your gender is, what religion you practice, what your political party is, your sexual orientation or your age. We only care that you want to give back to your community and make the world a better place and you believe in Service, above self. As our club grows in numbers we increase our ability to provide more service to the community and those less fortunate then ourselves. I foresee in the future that our club will develop new and helpful projects that are more community based and multi organizational in nature because of new and incoming membership.
This weekend on Saturday April 11, is a great opportunity for our new club members to receive free training in various areas of Rotary at District 5300 Assembly. This year is in Oak Hill, Ca which is about 3 miles past Victorville, Ca. There is a free continental breakfast from 8:00 – 9:00 AM at which time the training starts, a free BBQ lunch is provided and function is over at 3:30 PM. As Rotarians we are expected to grow in our knowledge about Rotary, what is does, how it is structured and to become the future leaders of our clubs. District Assembly is almost a requirement for board members but it is open to any club member who wishes to attend.

Presidents Message: April 1st., 2015

It’s hard to believe that this Wednesday is April 1, 2015 I only have three more months to complete so many things I had hoped to achieve but with some help I will get there. This year we have made great strides in increasing our membership, we stand at 24 active members and have 2-4 more potential members who have expressed interest in joining our club. We have the opportunity to end this Rotary year with net increase of around 25%, and now that we have our new members it is important that we have them become involved with our projects or new ones they may like. Each new member needs to have a mentor to help lead them and provide them with Rotary guidance to help them grow into outstanding Rotary leaders. If I ask you to be a mentor for one of our newer members it is because truly believe that you understand the basics Rotary and know where to go to find the information you may not know.
For those of membership who were not able to attend the 2015 Foundation dinner this past Saturday you missed a great evening I can tell you it was different, in a good way. This was the first time I can ever recall that there was singing, dancing and musical entertainment at a Foundation dinner with audience participation no less. The short but direct speech presented by our Zone Director Steve Snyder was interesting but also very inspiring because he does not mind if we bend the rules on attendance and number of monthly meetings to attract new and younger members to Rotary. Another topic he talked about was how Rotary had re-branded its self with a more up to date logo and lastly the need to embrace all the new social media ways.
For those of you who want to learn more about Rotary we have District Assembly training session coming up in less than two weeks on Saturday April 11th and it is free to all members you just need to register on the District 5300.org website and then logon to DACdb. While on DACdb check the information on your profile and make changes as needed, you can also upload you photo you profile.

Presidents Message: 3/25/15

As Rotarians what is one of our main goal, giving back to the community and helping others, well this past Saturday one of our own did just that. Jason Brown participated in the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation annual shaving of one’s head to raise money to help fight childhood cancer. For Jason’s sacrifice of being bald and clean shaven he was able to raise donations of more than three thousand dollars for this cause, the club and several members donated in his support. This was not a Rotary project but it was one that deserved our support since it has similar goals as Cure 4 the Kids Foundation which we have adopted as a worthy cause to help support in our community.
The community service and youth projects that we support can be partnerships with other civic and charitable groups to help fill the needs in the local community from time to time. It is not always about who or what group get the credit for providing the aid or service the people need, the main thing is helped people we may never know. We should get our satisfaction from knowing we have helped those less fortunate then ourselves. Now I have but one question to ask you as a Rotary member and that is what have you done today to help change someone’s life?

Presidents Message: 3/18/15

In our personal lives there are several things we all crave; success, reaching goals we have set for ourselves personally or for our business and the acceptance by others. Success can be measured in many ways and each of us may have a different value as to what we call success. Some will call success reaching goals we have set for ourselves, mine was to be financially comfortable enough to retire early in life at age 52. To other people it may be making large sums of money and becoming very rich and powerful, to others it is just finding love and happiness.
The acceptance by others is fellowship and friendship which we can all find in our fellow Rotary members in our club and other clubs. I believe it is time we put more efforts into learning more about our fellow members, I realize at the meetings we have a limited amount of time so I think it would fun to look at evening social events. We are well over due for an Old Style “Fireside Chat” since none of our newest five members have had one, plus it usually is a good social time. Other fun socials could be a Pot Luck or maybe a Progression dinner, where each person provides a different course or item for a dinner. There is also the Cocktail Party or a Wine and Cheese tasting, or a Beer tasting, or maybe a game night such as cards or dominos. This past weekend I went to a friend’s house for an early St. Patrick’s Day dinner and Dart’s night, it was great fun. No matter what event we do the real goal is fellowship and fun because we all would rather be with likeminded people and friends having fun together. Share your thoughts with me on what you would like to do or see as a social event..

Presidents Message: 3/11/2015

With this week’s program being our annual Dan Stover Youth Music Competition it brings to club members and our guests one of our many youth projects conducted and supported by our club. As a club we have the ability to support more projects then we presently have coordinators to oversee and monitor them, so if youth is your thing volunteer. I have said many times before that Rotary is more than just coming to lunch weekly, the reward comes from involvement and doing the projects.
The following are the additional annual youth projects we budget for besides Dan Stover from our Foundation: [TLC] Teen Leadership Camp, [RYLA] Rotary Youth Leadership Award, 4-Way Speech Competition, the George Hensel Ethics Essay Competition, support of our High School Interact & College Rotaract Clubs, we support Youth Literacy programs, Other youth related projects either club or personally supported would be, Santa Clothes, Kids 4 the Cure Foundation, our Candle Lighters Family support and even the Homeless Connect Book give-away. Our Mini-Grants to Teachers indirectly help our youth also, by providing teaching aide to assist in their learning process, even some of our Vocational programs are youth orientated.

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