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President’s Message for the week of May the 4th be with you

President’s Message from you President Freda image

This past weekend is the best Rotary experience I’ve had in all twenty-one years that I have been a member of Rotary. It is what Rotarians call “a Rotary moment.” I was happy to share this experience with my husband, Michael, Angel Padilla and George Mejia. Sadly, Wayne Wedlow and Martha Robles were unable to attend due to last minute circumstances. This weekend was “SuperBuild 2016.”
Early Saturday morning (6:30 am) approximately 150 Rotarians, spouses and friends boarded four buses in Chula Vista, CA and travelled to the Mexican border where we had to disembark and go through customs. After we were cleared we boarded the buses again and drove to Tecate passing by hovels that are called home by thousands of residents of Mexico. It was a dreary morning; it started to rain as we were boarding the buses and the sky was gray and overcast. But everyone on the bus was excited about embarking on this adventure. Several of the participants have participated up to seven times on SuperBuilds. For our club members, this was our first “build.” We were put to work soon after we arrived carrying materials off of the concrete slab, painting, cutting wood, building the walls and the roof and then putting it all together. The family who was receiving the house worked alongside the Rotarians. Everyone was so happy to be building this house so this family could make it into their home. They had been living with friends, family members and wherever they could find shelter as they had no home of their own since the father had been in an accident with an eighteen wheeler and was never able to return to work.
Lunch was prepared and served by members of the community. It was my first experience with cactus salad (it was delicious) which we ate along with rice, beans and homemade tortillas. Late in the afternoon the home was completed and the keys were presented to the family by PDG Tom Novotny. It was a very emotional experience for all who participated and everyone is looking forward to the next opportunity to build another home. If anyone wishes to know more about it, Angel and George would be happy to share their experiences with you.


imagePRESIDENT’S MESSAGE from your President Freda Brazier

May is Youth Service Month and what a great way to start the month of May by volunteering at The Stupak Community Center and helping the youth learn to read and to comprehend what they are reading. We have been trying to set up this program since December and it is finally coming to fruition. So far we have six volunteers: Tom, Angel, Bill, Louisa, Michael and I.
Sherry Alexander, Community Program Specialist for The Stupak Community Center, City of Las Vegas, will be coming to meet with us at 1:30 pm following this week’s Rotary meeting. We can let her know what days and times work best for us and they will pair each of us up with a child or adult who needs help reading. The Stupak Center is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday-Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you prefer working with kids, they come to the Stupak Center for their free after school program Monday through Friday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.
Also, if anyone would like to sit in on the meeting to learn more about the program and possibly to sign up to volunteer a little of your time, please stay.
Also, don’t forget if you have clothing in good condition to donate to the Stupak Community Center, please bring it with you to the meeting on Wednesday. They can use items for babies through adults, especially for their “Dress for Business” program.

Your President, Freda

President’s Message for the week of April 20th 2016 From your President Freda….

I am so pleased to see our new members getting involved in every aspect of the activities of our club and the District. Each one is finding his/her niche in our club and some are getting involved on the District level as well. My thanks go to Tom Akers for bringing such excellent people to our club and to all of our members who share their passion for Rotary with our new members encouraging them to get involved and to make a difference in their community and the world.
I was happy to present Angel Padilla with his Blue Badge last week and I know there are other members who are working diligently to get their Blue Badges as well. At last week’s meeting Tom and Lanetta Seppala presented an excellent program regarding the training they received at our District Assembly on April 9th, specifically the Grant Training. Having more and more members become aware of the endless possibilities of funding projects through grants is exciting to me. This past weekend Louisa Mendoza and Tom participated at RYLA as Facilitators. And very soon Bill Copper, Louisa, Angel, Tom, my husband, Michael, and myself will begin volunteering at the Stupak Community Center in a Literacy Program. In two weeks several members, namely Martha Robles, Wayne Wedlow, Angel, George, myself and my husband, will be participating in an International project when we go to Tecate, Mexico to build a house. The District is actually building four houses in one day. The Pasadena club is building one of the houses on their own. Wouldn’t it be rewarding if we could build our own house in Tecate next year.
There’s nothing stopping us from doing any project – we just need the participation of everyone in the club to make it happen.

President’s Message For the Week of April 13 2016

imagePresident’s Message from Your President Freda Brazier

.I am sure there are times when many of you wonder how Rotary policies are created, changed, revised and cancelled.

This is done every three years when the Council on Legislation meets in Chicago for five days in April to consider changes to the policies that guide Rotary International and its club members. Each district sends one member to serve as its representative at the Council. One purpose for the Council on Legislation is to adapt Rotary to keep it relevant to today’s world. The representatives review and vote on proposals that may change Rotary’s constitutional documents and on resolutions that express an opinion or make a recommendation to the Rotary International Board of Directors. This year the Council on Legislation will consider 182 proposed changes which are compiled in binders of 472 pages. Each representative receives one of these binders.
Many of this year’s proposed changes have to do with membership. Some of the proposals would give clubs greater flexibility as to when their meetings are held. Other proposals would amend membership requirements. Below is the announcement of one of the changes that was approved on April 11th.
“2016/04/11 13:07 It passes! – Applause broke out as the council overwhelmingly approved a measure to give clubs more flexiblity in deciding the times and days they meet, how often they meet, when to cancel a meeting, and what counts as a meeting. By a previous amendment, clubs will still be required to meet at least twice a month. Proponents believe these changes are historic and necessary for Rotary to thrive and attract new members.”
If you would like to get live updates regarding the proposals being considered this year, log on to www. Rotary.org and go to My Rotary. The Council on Legislation began on April 11th and will continue through April 15th. You can also read the binder that each of the representatives has received on http://www.rotary.org/

President’s Message for the week of April 5 2016 From your Presedent Freda Brazier

President’s Message for the week of April 5 2016
From your Presedent Freda Brazier

imageI just returned from our Fireside Chat graciously hosted by Beatrice Lee. Thirteen of our members were present (including Florence Rogers who is now able to navigate around with a walker). Six of those present have been members of our club for less than one year. It was a pleasure seeing everyone and it made me happy to know that we have so many of our newer members who want to get involved and carry on the projects of our club and Rotary International. Although the DVD that we saw was nearly thirty years old, it was one that I had never seen before and Rotary’s story was still the same: people helping people around the world. It really illustrated how far we have come in our fight against polio as well as how much good can be accomplished when a group of like-minded people work together. Thank you all for being there: Bob, Beatrice, Nancy, Gordon, Florence, Jay, Lanetta, Sharon, George, Angel, Louisa and Martha. And I look forward to seeing Louisa’s guest, Christina, at our meeting this Wednesday.

President’s Message For the week of March 28 2016 from Your President, Freda Brazier

April is Maternal and Child Health Month in the Rotary world. It is one of the six “areas of focus” for Rotary. The other areas of focus are: Peace and conflict prevention/resolution; Disease prevention and treatment; Water and sanitation; Maternal and child health; Basic education and literacy; and Economic and community development.
Are you aware that 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation? Or that 9 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation? By providing toilets and latrines that flush into a sewer or a safe enclosure, you improve sanitation facilities. When members of our club go to Tecate, Mexico on April 30th to build a house, we will also be providing toilets that will flush into a safe enclosure. This year is the first year that District 5300 is including sanitation facilities in the homes. By improving sanitation, we can help to improve the health of the families that reside in each house that we build.
For several years our club has supported the fight against malnutrition by participating through our donations to “Project Peanut Butter.” Project Peanut Butter’s primary focus is to combat malnutrition. It is currently bringing relief to the poverty-stricken in parts Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.
I’m sure that next year Tom and his Board will be searching for new service projects. Rotary International is providing Global Grants to assist in the funding of projects in one or more of the six areas of focus. When our incoming Board of Directors goes to District Assembly on April 9th, be sure that at two or three of the Board Members take the class for Grants. This is a requirement for any club in the District that wishes to apply for any grants that are available to us.


This week we had the privilege of seeing three new members be inducted into the Las Vegas Central Rotary Club. Past District Governor, Al Slaggert, before introducing our newest members, gave a very nice presentation on what it means to be a Rotarian.
He said it is such a great experience to bring in new members and asked, “Why are we here in Rotary?” Because when we join a Rotary club, we do more in a club than as an individual. Districts can do more than individual clubs. And the Foundation can do even more. Having been a member of Rotary for 30 years, Al wanted to share what he has learned about being a Rotarian.
New members should look for fellowship, to feel welcome, and to “feel at home” when they are at the meetings. They should feel rewarded for the service they perform. As time goes on, there will be times when you wonder if it is worth it. Yes, it is. You will have good times, too. When you join a club, you are welcome at every Rotary club you visit around the world. And Al encouraged that members do visit other clubs. See what other clubs do and bring back ideas of new projects. That is how we grow.

He remembered when Rotary asked its members to raise millions to fight Polio and they wondered how it could be done. But Rotarians have tenacity and now we have raised almost ½ billion dollars for the fight against Polio. When it seems impossible to do, then Rotarians get busy doing the impossible.

He also demonstrated an empty chair and showed that an empty chair has no personality, does not offer fellowship, and adds nothing to the club. But a Rotarian sitting in that chair has personality, offers fellowship, and adds their talent to the club. An empty chair has no place in Rotary. He quoted one of his favorite Presidential themes saying we are Rotarians, united in service and dedicated to peace.

Then he invited Wayne Wedlow, Sharon Spann, and Lanetta Sappala to come up and join him. He asked Tom Akers to please present them with their Rotary pins and plaques. It was a happy moment to see these three friends officially become our newest Rotarians. Welcome and Congratulations!








President’s Message from Your 2016 President : Freda Brazier If-or the week 3-16-16

Being a Rotarian is more than attending meetings, writing checks, training seminars, and hands-on projects. It is also about having FUN. This past Sunday, Bob, Gordon, Wayne and I participated in the Red Rock Rotary Club’s “Putting for Polio” fundraiser for the Rotary Foundation. Dave Cabral sponsored a Tee and we were the “Team” from the Las Vegas-Central Rotary Club. The day was just right – not too hot and not too cold – and everyone played nine holes of golf at the Angel Park Putting Course. No one on our team was a real “golfer” but we had lots of fun none the less. Golf balls went into sand traps and into the water; and some even got near the hole on the first putt. Gordon was our Team winner. We also purchased 50/50 and Raffle tickets to raise more money for Polio Plus and ended our round of golf with cheese & crackers, fruit and some liquid refreshments. It was a great way to raise funds and share in fellowship with other Rotarians.

President’s Message for the week of March 9 2016 from Your President, Freda Brazier

President’s Message
March is Rotary Water and Sanitation Month. Rotary is committed to creating healthier communities by supplying clean water and sanitation facilities. Can you imagine turning on your water in the morning and having brown water come out of the tap? There are 748 million people around the world that don’t have clean drinking water. In addition, there are 2.5 billion people that don’t have access to improved sanitation. In 2014 Rotary International joined with ONE DROP in the 2020 Water Partnership. The aim of this partnership is to expand access to clean water and sanitation around the world. Rotary is one of the world’s largest investors. Among other locations, ONE DROP went to Burkina Faso because half of its population survives on less than $1.25/day. Over the years, several water and sanitation projects were completed around the world but it was discovered that after the project was completed and the workers left the area, the projects fell into disrepair as no one knew how to maintain the equipment. Now Water Users associations and Water Point committees are in place in these communities to ensure the sound handling of the infrastructures. Most people are not suffering from water-related diseases anymore in Burkina Faso. Also, now that the women don’t have to travel so far to get water, they have more time to do domestic work. Life in these communities is more pleasant now.
The Las Vegas-Central Rotary Club has made donations to ONE DROP for the last two years. We are only able to make these donations if we raise enough funds every year. Tom will be starting his year as President on July 1, 2016, and has many good ideas for new projects for our club as well as some of our old projects. We need members to serve on our fundraising committee and to participate in our fundraisers to ensure that he can commit to these projects. Please volunteer.







Presidents Message: June 17, 2015

First I want to thank the club members and potential members who attended my debunking party last week, I enjoyed the event and even the swim. Even though I have two more weeks as the club president officially we will be starting to transfer from my leadership to Freda’s. All of our past presidents each had different ways of doing things, change is not the enemy Rotary must adapt in order to grow and attract new younger members.
For our members who played in or pledged money in support of our Poker event I thank you very much, because all net profits support our clubs foundation which funds all our youth and community service projects. I know you have all heard the tag line “It’s not about the money” Well it is. Rotary cannot do anything without our donations to the Rotary International Foundation in our pledges, Rotary gives hundreds of millions of dollars away each year. These funds provide many things from water wells, health care, education, post graduate scholarships just to name a few. The L.V. Central Rotary Club also depends on funds either by you buying or selling tickets to our fund raising events. Without the money raised during these events our club would need to cut back on our youth and community projects.
Rotary started as a networking club buy it changed its focus after only a few years to service and helping our fellow man. Now that does not mean you cannot network with your fellow members or members from other clubs, but all actions should meet and stand up to the 4-Way Test. Rotary is Service, it is also Friendship, and it also offers education to its members, it is respect because you are seen as someone who works to improve our community. Remember that when you were invited to join Rotary we saw something in you that told us you wanted to help change the world and make it a better place, let that person out.