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Guest Speaker Randy Brooks, and Foundation Day

DGE Randy Brooks


District Governor-Elect Randy Brooks took the podium to discuss his travels and life-impacting experiences in Africa.

His speech was timely, as it was LV Central’s Foundation Day. Seven member received Paul Harris fellowships:

Jeremy Brooks

Gordon Culp (+1)

Carol Jule

Bob Hellriegel (+7)

Bruce Hendricks (+6)

Lia Roberts (+1)

Freda Brazier (+4)

Bob Self-Pins his PH+7 Pin


Freda Brazier Receives her PH+4

Gordon Culp gets his PH+1

Jeremy Brooks is surprised by a PH

Freda Brazier surprises Carol Jule with a PH pin

Across the Finish Line…

We have photographic proof…Jason crossed the finish line!

To support Rotary’s goals and projects in 2012, Jason ran the 2011 Zappo’s Marathon to raise money for the club. Here he is at the pre-race expo:

Jason at the Pre-Race Expo

Jason at the Pre-Race Expo

…and then after the grueling 26 mile adventure in the cold, dark, and rain:

Jason Post-Race

Jason Post-Race

A little worse for the wear, but happy that the race was over, and optimistic that his pain and suffering will lead to big things for Rotary!

Although the race is over, tickets for the raffle are still available, but going fast! We will hold the drawing once 200 tickets are sold. Prizes and details can be found here…get yours now!

Guest Speaker: Derral Austin

Derral Austin, NV Energy

Derral Austin, NV Energy

This week we had a speaker from NV Energy’s customer service team, Derral Austin.¬†Derral had some very timely information on NV Energy’s current campaign to switch all Nevada power users from analog and three-stage meters to the new all-digital system.

Despite the skepticism in the press and with much of the public, Derral submitted, the new meters, coupled with the fine-grained reporting system on the NV Energy website, should allow consumers to keep a closer eye on their electricity budgets and save money. Also, per NV Energy’s tentative plan, it may allow NV Energy to reduce usage rates in the future. The crowd continued to be skeptical and asked many tough-but-fair questions of our brave guest.

Many thanks to Derral for his time, the useful information, and for helping address specific issues and problems some of our members raised during the session.

Guest Speaker: Senator Richard Bryan

Jason Brown and Senator Richard Bryan

Club President Jason Brown and Senator Richard Bryan

We were very fortunate to have as our guest this week Senator Richard Bryan. Senator Bryan served as Nevada State Senator, Nevada Attorney General, two terms as Governor, and as our US Senator for twelve years before retiring in 2001.

The Senator had great insights and stories around Nevada’s historic and current economic engines and the history thereof, particularly around Clark County. Our economy, he posited, has long been tethered to event or industry-specific changes, and the current boom-and-bust period is no different; and, as such, will recover in due time. He stressed the importance of diversifying our economy through more than just tax breaks, challenging Nevadans and our lawmakers to think big for solutions in the ways our economic leaders have over the past century.

Senator Bryan is very optimistic about Nevada’s future, and gave due recognition to Governor Sandoval for his efforts in driving our state forward out of the morass.


Guest Speaker: Travis Nelson, NV Title Co.

Travis Nelson, Nevada Title Company

Travis Nelson, Nevada Title Company


Mr. Nelson, Vice President of Commercial Marketing with Nevada Title Company, gave a very informative and interactive talk on the state of the Las Vegas housing resale markets, both from commercial and residential perspectives. He had great insights into the economic drivers of real estate, as well as the state of the resale markets as more properties flip out of default.

Mt. Charleston Roadside Cleanup

As Billy Copper will tell you, the bi-annual Mount Charleston roadside cleanup effort is the Rotary event of the year…and what a day it was. We had a great turnout, enjoyed the fresh mountain air, had donuts and lemon cake, and made our little stretch of highway 157 look good as new. President Jason brought his kids along for the fun.

Jason Brown and his family keep Mt Charleston looking sharp