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President :
Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

Sharon Spann

Foundation Director
Robert Hellriegel

President Elect 2017/2018
Gary Harlon

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Presidents Message Feb. 4, 2015

As president and longtime member of our Las Vegas Central Rotary I have always thought we were a great and dedicated group of people committed to improving our community and the world. We are made up of a diverse group of people from various ethnic, religious and occupational back rounds who have joined together to provide service to our fellow man and make friends with likeminded people. But the one area I had concern was our need to attract some younger members, in our effort to grow the club. I am happy to report that we will be inducting three new members into our group in February and their ages range from the mid-thirties to the early fifties. So we are slowly moving the average age of our club members down as we increase the membership numbers. By mid-month we will be up five new members minus two who resigned from the club this gives us a net three with three more months still left in the year to add more members.
We have some great programs in the next couple of weeks, stating this Wednesday with David Philippi from the Clark County School Districts Vocational Education department. The following week on Feb 11th we have John L Smith the noted commentary writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. We try very hard to provide you with interesting and informative speakers for our meetings so if you know of any please let us know because those of us who find our speakers can always use some help.
Remember it takes all of us to make our club successful, because we are a group of we people, not a group of I people. The more our members are involved in our club and our projects the more successful we and they will be. Rotary can change your life it you let it don’t be a RINO [Rotarian In Name Only ] be involved and let your moment come when you change from just a member to a real Rotarian.
Do you want to become involved in our local community, and meet new friends who feel like you then contact us and we will tell you how. Rotary needs people like you. We are not the old Rotary your father belonged to; like the old song said “The Times They Are A Changing” and we are changing with them. Want to know more about us email to info@lvcentralrotary.com or call me at 702 768-7530 any time between 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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