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President :
Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

Sharon Spann

Foundation Director
Robert Hellriegel

President Elect 2017/2018
Gary Harlon

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Email the Las Vegas Centeral Rotary club


Presidents Message: Nov. 19, 2014

Each week I try and encourage our members to look beyond themselves and see a need in the community that we or they can address, even if that is only bring it to the attention of someone or some other group that can accomplish and fulfill the need. To me this is living “Service above Self” not just paying lip service to it, as Rotarians we should not be followers but strive to be leaders in our community the problem solvers. As Rotarians and Americans we tend to take everyday things for granted that in many parts of the world are considered luxuries, we need to remember that others in the world don’t even have the basic necessities of life. That is why in many parts of the world a small amount of money and some labor can accomplish so much. It is amazing how generous the American people are when it comes to charities and helping others, we give more than the next ten countries combined.
As Rotarians we can be proud of all we have accomplished to improve our community and many places around the world through our donations to the Rotary Foundation. But we still have so much more to do so we cannot rest on our laurels and say job well done and quit. One person can do only so much, but when a group of Rotarians join together it is amazing what is accomplished.

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