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President :
Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

Sharon Spann

Foundation Director
Robert Hellriegel

President Elect 2017/2018
Gary Harlon

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Email the Las Vegas Centeral Rotary club


Presidents Message: Oct. 22, 2014

Why is it we volunteer to help those less fortunate then ourselves in many cases each of us will have a different reason, some just want to share their bounty others feel pity and want to help. Each and every Rotary club has its own pet projects that are repeated year after year and as long as the need still exist and results are achieved that is Ok. But if the need no longer exists or the project does not succeed in helping then it is time to either redesign the project or replace it with something else. Never be married to cause because we have always done it or so in so started it. “Service above Self” has its limits it must be something that fills a need, it must be affordable and it must have the potential to be a successful goal. We always need to look at ways to make every dollar donated to Rotary count and go as far as possible in reaching the goal is was given for.
Help your club decide on what projects you would like to see us peruse in the coming months and years, become involved……because if you do not voice your opinion you cannot gripe about what we do, every voice counts.
One person can only do so much but in Rotary we can combine our efforts and multiply our results to achieve our goals. In Rotary we have the option to be help people locally, internationally or both, and by combining our efforts with other Rotarians around the world we can double or triple our outcome. You can give a person a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach him how to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime, which do you think is better.

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