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Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

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Robert Hellriegel

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Gary Harlon

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Presidents Message: Oct. 8, 2014

This week I would like to talk about history and no I do not mean the Civil War etc. but the history of our club. Like many of the clubs formed here is Las Vegas the Paradise club was sponsored by the Las Vegas Rotary Club or the Big Club as we call it. The Paradise Club was the sponsor of the University Club on March 3, 1988 which was two months after I joined Rotary as a member of the Paradise club. Judge Mark Denton was our club president during the 1987-88 Rotary years, followed by Dave Cabral on his first time as club president. During those years and many more to follow we met at the Showboat Hotel & Casino out on Boulder Highway and had a membership of 55-60 members. Now let’s fast forward to 2003 this was the date Paradise & University Rotary Clubs merged together because of dwindling membership numbers to create the L.V. Central Rotary Club, a new name and a new beginning.

Last week we lost one of our two remaining Charter members who were still involved in Rotary, Herman Steiner, for the past several years Herman had lived with his daughter Donna in Raleigh, N.C, he was 96 years old. Herman was truly a believer of what Rotary could do to help change lives and he supported the clubs efforts and the Rotary Foundation worldwide efforts.

Our club gets its strength from our membership and that is why it is important to retain our existing members and bring in new ones with fresh new ideas and energy, to help keep us invigorated and moving forward. From time to time in the past we have faltered but this year with some from some old and newer members we have created some creative new ways to attract new membership to the club. Please remember fellow members, club membership growth is everyone’s business!!

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