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Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

Sharon Spann

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Robert Hellriegel

President Elect 2017/2018
Gary Harlon

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Presidents Message: Sept. 24, 2014

Last week’s program on Junior Achievement was very interesting in its self but having the Dean and Councilor from Morris Behavioral School here to tell us about what their mini grant has achieved, opened the door for other projects with them. It looks like Junior Achievement could be a good offering for the students at Morris, there is also a good possibility we could restart our book project there also. It’s amazing how one little think can lead into another, when I scheduled the Junior Achievement speaker and the people from Morris I never thought about how this all could connect.

Great programs and speakers are one of the things that make the weekly meetings interesting, so if you attend another groups meeting and hear a good speaker please get their information so we could have them speak to us. I have no problem in contacting people to get them to come and present their program to us. We are looking for programs that inform, are of community interest, help with self-development, are entertaining and in general people will enjoy. Good programs are like a good wine they are meant to shared, so don’t keep them a secret.

This year membership is our big push to help regrow our outstanding club; Tom Akers will be our newest member on his induction this week or next. We have the potential this year to achieve a 25-50% growth in members with only a little effort. Share Rotary with your friends and business connections, why should you be the only one enjoying the good feeling from providing service to others, “share it”.

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