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Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

Sharon Spann

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Robert Hellriegel

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Gary Harlon

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Presidents Message: Sept. 3, 2014

Rotary membership what is it and who is allowed to be a member of our Club or any club for that matter? First: Any person who has a worthy profession that is a benefit to society and the person has been invited to join our club by a sponsoring member. Also the board of directors has approved their membership and no club member had voted against them. Second: What is Rotary membership that is a little harder to answer because we all have different reasons for joining Rotary? Some people think coming to the weekly meetings and pledging to the Foundation and Polio Plus is all they need to do. Then there are those who believe that come to the weekly meetings but you need to be involved with hands on projects basically local involvement only. And the last type of member try’s to make all the weekly meetings he or she can, pledges to the Foundation and Polio Plus and wants to be involved with local and international projects. All clubs have these three type of members and at some point in there Rotary life they will have or do something that will change them from a Rotary member to a Rotarian, for each of us it is something different. As a Rotarian we see the difference that our involvement can make also the need to pledge funds to the RI Foundation, Polio Plus and the clubs projects.


Last week’s speaker Samantha Haycock telling us about the Global Water is a perfect example of a potential young Rotarian very committed and dedicated to helping others. It is wonderful to see that some the next generation has an interest in helping our fellow man and not devoted the just themselves as it seems too many of us. It is the job of each Rotary member to be on the lookout for young dedicated professionals who show interest in providing service to others and invite them to a Rotary meeting. Hopefully then we can convince them that Rotary membership is the way for them to provide service to others. “Service above Self” is our motto after all. We need to share Rotary it’s time to stop keeping it the world’s best secret.

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