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President :
Freda Brazier

Louisa Mendoza

Sharon Spann

Foundation Director
Robert Hellriegel

President Elect 2017/2018
Gary Harlon

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Email the Las Vegas Centeral Rotary club


Presidents Message July 9, 2014

This past Saturday was our nations birthday July 4th, with it comes the renewal of our faith in the freedom of choice we have in this country. These freedoms include speech, religion, choice, the right to bear arms and many more including tolerance of others different then ourselves. As Americans and Rotarians we are the most charitable people in the world, far surpassing the rest of the world combined in what we give away annually to help others.

Charities such as the VFW, USO, Red Cross, and Salvation Army, American Cancer Society are all great Charities but none of them deliver 100% of donated dollars to the end recipient’s like Rotary does. You can always depend on every dollar donated to a Rotary project going to where you want it was intended to, that is why I encourage donations to The Rotary Foundation from our members. Even though we are a small club in numbers last year we were the leader in per capita giving in our district, which says a lot about our commitment to helping others. This year as we strive to grow our clubs membership numbers we must instill in our new members the importance of supporting the R. I. Foundation, Polio Plus Campaign and other international and local projects. Because Rotary is more than an old man’s lunch group, that you attend from time to time, we are people who look for ways to improve our community and our world, that is why we are Rotarians.

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