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Guest Speaker: Senator Richard Bryan

Jason Brown and Senator Richard Bryan

Club President Jason Brown and Senator Richard Bryan

We were very fortunate to have as our guest this week Senator Richard Bryan. Senator Bryan served as Nevada State Senator, Nevada Attorney General, two terms as Governor, and as our US Senator for twelve years before retiring in 2001.

The Senator had great insights and stories around Nevada’s historic and current economic engines and the history thereof, particularly around Clark County. Our economy, he posited, has long been tethered to event or industry-specific changes, and the current boom-and-bust period is no different; and, as such, will recover in due time. He stressed the importance of diversifying our economy through more than just tax breaks, challenging Nevadans and our lawmakers to think big for solutions in the ways our economic leaders have over the past century.

Senator Bryan is very optimistic about Nevada’s future, and gave due recognition to Governor Sandoval for his efforts in driving our state forward out of the morass.


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