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Founded in 1975 as the Las Vegas Paradise Rotary Club, which was one of ten local area clubs at the time. In 2003, the Paradise and University Rotary clubs merged to form the Las Vegas Central Rotary Club. With stronger membership numbers, our goal is to further the Rotary tradition of active community, regional and international service.

We meet every Wednesday at 12:15 at the Las Vegas Country Club please join us and find out what Rotary is all about. The LVCC is directly behind the (Old Hilton) now it is called the LVH

3000 Joe W Brown Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact us at:

PO Box 72166
Las Vegas, NV 89170


Presidents Message: Sept. 17, 2014

This past Saturday morning I went to the Rotary Basic’s training class held at the UNLV Law School also there were Freda Brazier, Eric Center and David Cabral, and I thank them for attending. I found the information presented in the membership session to be new and very enlightening, to put in a nutshell this ain’t your fathers Rotary. So we need to start selling in to potential new members in a different way, in a way that meets what they are looking for in community involvement. We also need to change what most of us think of as our elevator speech in selling Rotary to a prospective new member. We also need to engage all our members to help them develop into effective Rotary Leaders; there are several ways this can come about. Encourage them to attend the District Assembly training sessions to learn more about how the various areas of Rotary work, all training to Rotary members is free. Another way to help a member reach their potential is to assign them more responsibility so they have the opportunity to learn from doing.

Rotary International hired a well-known research company to find out what people who joined Rotary were looking for and what items were most important to them etc. in the coming weeks and months you will hear more about this as we reshape the club to attract energetic and younger members. This rest of this Rotary year and next will hopefully see this club become bigger and more involved in the community. Jay Ludwig is our newest member but he will be joined by Tom Akers in the next few weeks that is a 10% and we have the potential to double or triple that number with ease with just a little work. I’m asking you as members of the L.V. Central Rotary Club to help me make our group a force to be reckoned in our local community.

Presidents Message: Sept. 10, 2014

Today was the annual SOAR’s presentation down at the Clark County Government Center; this program is supported by all the clubs in the Las Vegas Area. For those of you who do not remember acronyms SOAR’s stands for Safety Officers Award Recognition and it is awarded to outstanding members in each organization such as FBI, Metro, and Fire Dept. etc. from each community in the valley. For Rotary this project is twofold one we pay tribute to the public servants who risk their lives to keep us safe and second it is a way for Rotary to gets its name out to the general public. This SOAR’s has always been a Public Relation project as much as anything and as we all know Rotary needs all the publicity it can get.

This week I hope to induct Jay Ludwick as our newest member until we induct our next new Rotary member. This is the year we will add 5 to 10 new members it is also the year we should reach out to our past members to see if can interest them in returning to our Rotary club. Many of our past members left because of commitment and with our three membership classes and new attendances requirements there no reason anyone can’t make it to Rotary. Invite a friend to our next meeting and share what you enjoy about Rotary with them.


Presidents Message: Sept. 3, 2014

Rotary membership what is it and who is allowed to be a member of our Club or any club for that matter? First: Any person who has a worthy profession that is a benefit to society and the person has been invited to join our club by a sponsoring member. Also the board of directors has approved their membership and no club member had voted against them. Second: What is Rotary membership that is a little harder to answer because we all have different reasons for joining Rotary? Some people think coming to the weekly meetings and pledging to the Foundation and Polio Plus is all they need to do. Then there are those who believe that come to the weekly meetings but you need to be involved with hands on projects basically local involvement only. And the last type of member try’s to make all the weekly meetings he or she can, pledges to the Foundation and Polio Plus and wants to be involved with local and international projects. All clubs have these three type of members and at some point in there Rotary life they will have or do something that will change them from a Rotary member to a Rotarian, for each of us it is something different. As a Rotarian we see the difference that our involvement can make also the need to pledge funds to the RI Foundation, Polio Plus and the clubs projects.


Last week’s speaker Samantha Haycock telling us about the Global Water is a perfect example of a potential young Rotarian very committed and dedicated to helping others. It is wonderful to see that some the next generation has an interest in helping our fellow man and not devoted the just themselves as it seems too many of us. It is the job of each Rotary member to be on the lookout for young dedicated professionals who show interest in providing service to others and invite them to a Rotary meeting. Hopefully then we can convince them that Rotary membership is the way for them to provide service to others. “Service above Self” is our motto after all. We need to share Rotary it’s time to stop keeping it the world’s best secret.

Presidents Message August 27, 2014

Training relating to Rotary is this week’s topic and my question to you our clubs membership is what do you know about Rotary? An I’m not just talking about when was Rotary formed and by who or why. But how does Rotary International Foundation work, what programs does it support, how is it funded and restricted and un-restricted giving and so much more. Do you know that each person can access their own Paul Harris donation account, do you know the recognition points are and how they can be used? Are you a member of Rotary International, what is your status active, senior active, retired semi-active or honorary member?

If you are not sure about some of the statements or questions ask above you are not alone. Knowledge of how Rotary works and the programs it supports is important to each and every member, because the better you understand Rotary the more you will support it and its goals. This brings me to a great opportunity you have for some free training on Rotary basics on Sept. 13th at the UNLV Law School the seminar is from 9:00 AM till Noon check in and continual breakfast is from 8:00-9:00AM, To register go on to DaCdb or see me and I will help you.

Presidents Message Aug. 20, 2014

This year it seems like days and weeks are just rushing by, I know time is constant so either I have too many things on my plate or I’m less organized as I get older. I always seem to have a Rotary project to do, email’s to read or meeting to go to then there is quality time I spend with my daughter and of course dealing with my grandchildren. Life can get busy and if you let it, it will pull you down so always make some time in your life it can be quiet time to read, fish or whatever is relaxing and or enjoyable to you. We must remember that even though our work in Rotary can be rewarding and heartwarming it can be challenging and time consuming and as non-paid volunteers we need to be sure we do not burn ourselves out. The more people involved in our projects and on committees the better it is for all of us plus the more we can accomplish as Rotarians.


Remember people we are always looking for good programs and speakers so if you see one at a different event or other Rotary Clubs meeting please pass it onto us so we can get the for our clubs meetings. Good programs are informative and also attract potential members to our club so let’s all work on finding speakers. Topics should inform and be of interest to a large sector of our club’s membership, did the speaker keep your attention the whole time he or she spoke. This week’s speaker will be talking about Global Water projects, which something Rotary has, interest in through various worldwide projects it funds.

President Message: Aug. 13, 2014

We all face challenges in our life some are business related and other are in our personal lives, but how we handle these challenges tells the world who we are. As Rotarians we look at are community for the opportunities to provide service to our youth and the local community in general. In some areas of the services we provide we partner with other groups, the success of a project is not measured by who gave the most or did the most but was the problem solved, did we meet the needs. The Service Above Self moto tells the world and our local community that we as Rotarians are problem solvers and up to the challenges the world gives us.

A lot of Rotary clubs have programs and groups that they support annually year after year, and there is nothing with this. However this can narrow the clubs view on the needs of the local community and the opportunity to provide service can be missed. A new prospective can be achieved by having new people serve on various committees that oversee our community, youth and international service projects. A new set of eyes will see the challenges in a different light and from a different angel, which hopefully will bring about new solutions to these opportunities.

Success is the end result we are all striving for when tackling a problem in our community or with our youth, not who gets the credit or how was it was accomplished but was it solved. For Rotary to continue to be successful in the coming years we need to grow our membership and with younger and more energetic people with new and exciting visions.

President Message:


 ”"                     Let’s let the world know we are Proud to be a members of the Central Rotary Club of Las Vegas, wear you Rotary Pin daily and tell all your friends and people you meet what Rotary does. August is officially membership month however every day is membership day, we all are salesman or woman for our clubs the people and the projects are what encourages people to become a member of Rotary. I’m proud to say this week we will be inducting Herman Kelting into our club as our newest member, as most of you know Herman is not new to Rotary but a longtime member of the Newport Beach Rotary Club. With Herman Kelting becoming a member we have increased our membership by 5% , it’s a start one member at a time, but a 50% would be better.

Last Thursday night I attended the first Presidents Circle meeting for the 2014-15 Rotary year, all of the presidents reviewed areas of concern for their clubs. The one area that several presidents brought up was getting and keeping members and past presidents involved so they felt valued and involved, we all need to feel we are making a difference. Because when you feel you make a difference you are no longer a member of Rotary but you have become a Rotarian and there is a difference.

Presidents Message July 23, 2014

Dear members our meeting for July 23rd has been cancelled, due to a major gas leak and repair work needed at the Las Vegas Country Club. We had an excellent program scheduled for that meeting we will try to reschedule Dr. Chase for a later date when he is in town again hopefully, informational Rotary based programs such as his are hard to come by on short notice. The club will return for our next meeting at the Country Club on July 30th. Your speaker that week is Tyson Mackay and he will be telling us about the new and exciting dot Vegas domain names that are coming.

Should any of you run across a good and interesting speaker please pass that information on to any of your board member so we may try and arrange for them to talk at our club in the future, because good programs are interesting an attract potential new members.

It’s hard to believe we are coming up on the start of the second month of this Rotary year, time does fly but we have lots of time to accomplish our club goals. This year membership growth is our prime and major object we need to accomplish; if we do this the rest of our goals will follow and fall in line. As I have said many times in the past we need new younger members to keep Rotary alive and well in the years to come. Remember membership is everyone’s job not just your board members or your president, because this is your club also.

Presidents Message July 9, 2014

This past Saturday was our nations birthday July 4th, with it comes the renewal of our faith in the freedom of choice we have in this country. These freedoms include speech, religion, choice, the right to bear arms and many more including tolerance of others different then ourselves. As Americans and Rotarians we are the most charitable people in the world, far surpassing the rest of the world combined in what we give away annually to help others.

Charities such as the VFW, USO, Red Cross, and Salvation Army, American Cancer Society are all great Charities but none of them deliver 100% of donated dollars to the end recipient’s like Rotary does. You can always depend on every dollar donated to a Rotary project going to where you want it was intended to, that is why I encourage donations to The Rotary Foundation from our members. Even though we are a small club in numbers last year we were the leader in per capita giving in our district, which says a lot about our commitment to helping others. This year as we strive to grow our clubs membership numbers we must instill in our new members the importance of supporting the R. I. Foundation, Polio Plus Campaign and other international and local projects. Because Rotary is more than an old man’s lunch group, that you attend from time to time, we are people who look for ways to improve our community and our world, that is why we are Rotarians.

Presidents Message July 2, 2014

Last Friday was the debunking party for last year’s president and tomorrow is July first the start of the new Rotary year. With a new year comes some new goals plus some of the old ones return also, our main goal this year is to grow the club’s membership numbers, this is not only a goal but a must. Our club needs new younger members with some new idea, some new energy to help this club go forward in the coming years. As much as it may pain some of us older members we need to change how we look at doing things within the club and our projects, just because we have always done it that way does not require us to keep doing it that way. Most people tend to resist change, but change can be good, because to makes us widen our perspective on things and see things in a different light.


In this new Rotary year I need each of our club members to step forward and become involved in the programs and projects our club supports throughout the year. I need for you to remember this your Rotary Club as much as it is mine, Service Above Self requires involvement from each of us.