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Founded in 1975 as the Las Vegas Paradise Rotary Club, which was one of ten local area clubs at the time. In 2003, the Paradise and University Rotary clubs merged to form the Las Vegas Central Rotary Club. With stronger membership numbers, our goal is to further the Rotary tradition of active community, regional and international service.

We meet every Wednesday at 12:15 at the Las Vegas Country Club please join us and find out what Rotary is all about. The LVCC is directly behind the (Old Hilton) now it is called the LVH

3000 Joe W Brown Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact us at:

PO Box 72166
Las Vegas, NV 89170


Presidents Message: 1/21/15

I had a two week vacation from writing the Presidents message so here goes this week’s message. On January seventh’s meeting we had our weekly lunch meeting at the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation and I believe that all our members and guests who attended felt at least a little tug on their heart strings. This group provides treatment to children with life threating cancer whose families have no insurance or are under insured. I truly believe this is an organization we could and can provide some financial assistance to help them continue their good work. This is the group we are selling the Adopt a Bear for plus donate the adopted Bears to the children.
Last week was our first official meeting back in the Country Club since before Christmas and it was a Great one; Florence Rogers was very surprised and pleased to receive her first Paul Harris Fellow Pin. It was an honor to have our District Governor Larry Skaggs at the meeting to award Florence her pin; it was also my pleasure to have Governor Larry there to present me with my Major Donor Pin level 1. I truly believe in all the good work the Rotary Foundation does around the world and in our district and community. Because of this belief I have been a Paul Harris Society member for the past two years; for those members who can afford to donate $1,000.00 a year II would urge you to join the society.
There is two ways for us to support Rotary, hands on involvement or through monetary donations and Rotary needs both. The Rotary Foundation spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually through all its humanitarian programs which are funded from members donations.

Presidents Message 1/7/15

Well members here it is three days into 2015 and I’m just returned from the funeral of one of our honorary Rotarian’s Mr. William Wiedeman, Bill joined as an senior active when we were still the Las Vegas Paradise Rotary Club. My point is we all will pass away in time so we need to use what time we have wisely and with consideration for our fellow man. Those of us who are Christens will be judged by our maker on how well we followed the Ten Commandments and Gods word. But by our piers we will be judges and remembered by what we accomplished not only in our business life, our accumulation of wealth, but what we did to help others and leave the world a better place then we found it.

As a Rotarian you have friends around the world and a lot of them you have never met, but they are always there and willing to offer a helping hand if you just ask, tell me another group you can say that about and know it is true. Rotarians all have like mindedness of wanting to improve the living condition of those less fortunate then ourselves, so get involved.

This week’s meeting is being held at “CURE 4 THE KIDS FOUNDATION” this is part of and was started by the doctors at Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, they treat children with cancer and hemophilia. This is the group that Candlelighter’s of Nevada referred us to in our desire to provide our Teddy Bears to the children receiving treatment and assist with the treatment expense for those without enough insurance. The address for Cure 4 the Kids is 3121 South Maryland Pkwy. Ste. 601, if you get lost call my cell phone 702 768-7530.

Presidents Message: Dec.17th., 2014

In this Holiday Season we each may have different reasons for the joy and compassion we feel toward our fellow man, but as Rotarians we seek out ways to provide service and help to others. This month alone we have provided new clothing to disadvantaged children through the Santa Cloths Project; we have provided clothing, toys and other household items through the Candlelighter Project. We have also provided gift cards for two group homes at New Vista Ranch and the clothing and toys we provided to Dee Redwine for the Children of the Street project. For such a small club we provide a lot of help and hope to the citizens of our local community and for that you should be proud.
On Sunday December 21st we will be delivering the gifts to our Candlelighter Family and I would encourage you to be part of this heartwarming event. This is one of those feel good times that will pull at your heart strings and make you realize that it only takes a little to help change someone’s life. At this week’s meeting we will have the time that we will be making the delivery of the gifts.
Because of the Holiday Season on December 24th and 31st. we will be dark as far as meetings go however we will have a social lunch in the dining room at the Country Club if you wish to attend. Then on January 7th we will be meeting at Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada / Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, their address is 3121 South Maryland Parkway just across the street from Sunrise Hospital. We will have our lunch there and then take a tour of the facility and distribute some of our Rotary Teddy Bears to the young cancer patients. Then on January 14th we will be back at the Country Club with the program TBA.

Presidents Message for Dec. 10, 2014

Time marches on as the Holiday Season approaches; I hope everyone who attended our annual Christmas/Holiday Party had a great time. This year the food and service at the Country Club was great and the music was very enjoyable as all ways. We had a wonderful collection of clothing and toys brought to the party this year for the children of the street, that Dee Redwine provides service to. But even more I want to thank all of you who also donated cash at the party in addition to what the club donated to help offset some of their grant shortfall this year. We truly were all showing and living the Rotary Moto “Service above Self” in helping those less fortunate then ourselves and for that I deeply thank you.
This week I would encourage you to bring a friend to lunch because our speaker is Starvos Anthony city of Las Vegas Mayor Pro-Tem and city councilmen; this should be a great program you will not want to miss. I invite anyone who would like to hear this great program to attend; it will only cost you the price of your lunch. Plus this is great place and way to learn more about Rotary and community service and how heartwarming that can be.
Club members remember this Thursday [Dec. 11th ] starting at 6;00 PM at my house we will be having our wrapping party for all the gifts we have purchased for this year’s Candle-lighter family we donate to. I will have maps at the meeting for those of you who have not been to my home in the past. I also need to have a head count on those planning to attending so I can have enough food and beverages I will pass a signup sheet around at the meeting, if you will be missing our meeting but would like to wrap the presents please call me on my cell phone 702 768-7530 so I can add you to the list.

Presidents Message: Nov. 19, 2014

Each week I try and encourage our members to look beyond themselves and see a need in the community that we or they can address, even if that is only bring it to the attention of someone or some other group that can accomplish and fulfill the need. To me this is living “Service above Self” not just paying lip service to it, as Rotarians we should not be followers but strive to be leaders in our community the problem solvers. As Rotarians and Americans we tend to take everyday things for granted that in many parts of the world are considered luxuries, we need to remember that others in the world don’t even have the basic necessities of life. That is why in many parts of the world a small amount of money and some labor can accomplish so much. It is amazing how generous the American people are when it comes to charities and helping others, we give more than the next ten countries combined.
As Rotarians we can be proud of all we have accomplished to improve our community and many places around the world through our donations to the Rotary Foundation. But we still have so much more to do so we cannot rest on our laurels and say job well done and quit. One person can do only so much, but when a group of Rotarians join together it is amazing what is accomplished.

Presidents Message: Nov. 5, 2014

This week’s message will be short and sweet as they say. November is the start of the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving followed by Christmas in December, this is a time to reflect on our blessings and share them with those less fortunate then ourselves. This is a great time to help out at one of the local food kitchens for the homeless, or help out at a shelter. Or you could collect food for The Salvation Army, Catholic Charity or any of the other local food banks for the needy. Another thing would be to adopt a family and provide all the fixings for either Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, there are lots of local charities that can provide you with names of families in need.

For Christmas the local Rotary Clubs do the Santa Clothes Project plus our club also does the Candle Lighters adopt a Family project and we also provides toys and clothing to homeless children through our partnership with one of many local efforts. Our club and individually we do a lot but there is always more we can and could do.

Presidents Message: Oct. 29, 2014

I hope that each of you who were at last week’s visit and heard our District Governor Larry Skaggs speech enjoyed it as much as I did. Our District Governor is a very down to earth person who is easy to talk to and enjoyable to listen too also. The story he told about learning to share with those less fortunate than himself at an early age was very touching and heartwarming, plus being based on a true event in his life made it even more touching. Many times in the past when I have written the Presidents Message I have spoken about the moment when a person goes from being a Rotary Member to becoming a Rotarian. Each of us has a different event in Rotary that changed us from just being a member to believing and knowing what we do makes a difference in some one’s life.
On the 19th of November we each have a chance to participate on one of our few hands on projects with our book giveaway at Homeless Connect, the once a year community event to provide services in one place for the valley’s homeless population. Giving books away may not seem like much of anything to us but it really means a lot to the people who are receiving them and they are very thankful.
Remember we need your books hardbound or paperback, we need you help to set up the booth and we need your help during the event. Ask your friends if they have some books they would like to donate, clean out your bookcase or garage of those old books you have already read. The number one book ask for is a dictionary, who would have thought. I have sixteen cases of books in my garage right now and this only a fraction of what we need, last year we gave away over 3000 books. If you have books you would like to donate contact me and we will make arrangements as to where to bring them or in some cases we can pick them up. Email me at club@lvcentralrotary.com or call me at 702 768-7530 to learn more or to donate books or money for this project………..

Presidents Message: Oct. 22, 2014

Why is it we volunteer to help those less fortunate then ourselves in many cases each of us will have a different reason, some just want to share their bounty others feel pity and want to help. Each and every Rotary club has its own pet projects that are repeated year after year and as long as the need still exist and results are achieved that is Ok. But if the need no longer exists or the project does not succeed in helping then it is time to either redesign the project or replace it with something else. Never be married to cause because we have always done it or so in so started it. “Service above Self” has its limits it must be something that fills a need, it must be affordable and it must have the potential to be a successful goal. We always need to look at ways to make every dollar donated to Rotary count and go as far as possible in reaching the goal is was given for.
Help your club decide on what projects you would like to see us peruse in the coming months and years, become involved……because if you do not voice your opinion you cannot gripe about what we do, every voice counts.
One person can only do so much but in Rotary we can combine our efforts and multiply our results to achieve our goals. In Rotary we have the option to be help people locally, internationally or both, and by combining our efforts with other Rotarians around the world we can double or triple our outcome. You can give a person a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach him how to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime, which do you think is better.

Presidents Message: Oct.15, 2014

As the fall season progresses our club has several chances to help children from at risk families and schools. To help brighten the lives of young children, Opportunity Village has started a new program to take these children to their Magical Forest to help instill in them the magic and wonders of Christmas. The cost to send 50 first grade children comes to only $500.00 which includes transportation and supervision for the students. This program is sponsored by groups such as Rotary and other private civic organizations.
Another program is The Santa Cloths project which is supported by all the Rotary Clubs in the Las Vegas valley, this takes at risk students selected by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas cloths shopping at J.C. Penny’s with an adult to help them in the shopping. The club members pay up to $100 to sponsor each student selected, more than 300 children are served through this project annually. Because J.C. Penny is also a sponsor in this program the children receive almost $150 in merchandise for the $100.00 spent.
Last but far from least is the Candle Lighters Project in which we as a club sponsor a family who has a child with either cancer or some other life threating illness. The club is provided with the information on the family such as their sizes, ages and sex to assist them in their shopping for each family member. After the shopping a group of club members will get together and wrap the presents and arrange a date and time to deliver the gifts to the family. This is one of those feel good projects yet still pulls at your heart strings when you think about what the family and child are going through.
This is also a great time to think about helping to re-stock some of the local food banks such as Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army to name a few, we can collect can goods and money also for donation to these groups. There seems to be an endless supply of groups and people in need of a helping hand in our community, let us each do what we can to help those less fortunate then ourselves.

Presidents Message: Oct. 8, 2014

This week I would like to talk about history and no I do not mean the Civil War etc. but the history of our club. Like many of the clubs formed here is Las Vegas the Paradise club was sponsored by the Las Vegas Rotary Club or the Big Club as we call it. The Paradise Club was the sponsor of the University Club on March 3, 1988 which was two months after I joined Rotary as a member of the Paradise club. Judge Mark Denton was our club president during the 1987-88 Rotary years, followed by Dave Cabral on his first time as club president. During those years and many more to follow we met at the Showboat Hotel & Casino out on Boulder Highway and had a membership of 55-60 members. Now let’s fast forward to 2003 this was the date Paradise & University Rotary Clubs merged together because of dwindling membership numbers to create the L.V. Central Rotary Club, a new name and a new beginning.

Last week we lost one of our two remaining Charter members who were still involved in Rotary, Herman Steiner, for the past several years Herman had lived with his daughter Donna in Raleigh, N.C, he was 96 years old. Herman was truly a believer of what Rotary could do to help change lives and he supported the clubs efforts and the Rotary Foundation worldwide efforts.

Our club gets its strength from our membership and that is why it is important to retain our existing members and bring in new ones with fresh new ideas and energy, to help keep us invigorated and moving forward. From time to time in the past we have faltered but this year with some from some old and newer members we have created some creative new ways to attract new membership to the club. Please remember fellow members, club membership growth is everyone’s business!!